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Sardinia is a fascinating island with ancient history and traditions. The variety of its panoramas, colours and smells is wide and unique. From the mountains to the crystal-clear sea, holidays in Sardinia will enchant you!

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, 125 miles west of Italy, a marvellous place for you holidays. Sardinia has a crystal-clear sea and a unique coastline and has largely avoided the worst excesses of tourism. Package holidays in Sardinia often include visits to the pretty, walled harbour town of Alghero. Sardinia holidays nightlife is relatively quiet and tends to centre on romantic restaurants and cosy bars rather than lively discos. Sardinia holidays on the Costa Smeralda are characterized by a livelier nightlife and restaurants of an upper level.

Sardinia has an ancient history: here you can admire archaeological findings and splendid ruins of Phoenician, Punic and Roman cities, but also splendid medieval architecture. Olbia (Sardinia) is one of the most interesting sites of the island.

The territory of Olbia in Sardinia has been inhabited since the VIII Century B.C. although the city itself was founded by the Carthaginians about VI Century B.C. Right from the beginning, the harbour was very important for the city's economy: corn export industry was one of the main activities at the time.

The word "Olbia" means a "happy town", even though the city's past has been rather difficult. Olbia was destroyed and rebuilt many times throughout its history. This may be the reason for the loss of its original name, during various dominations of the area, which was finally regained in 1939. Olbia is the ideal location for your holidays in Sardinia.

Olbia has become a tourist location able to satisfy even the needs of the most demanding. During holidays in Sardinia you can also practise sports such as motorbike, trekking, swimming etc. In Sardinia motorbike and trekking, as well as walking are the best ways to live immersed in the nature of this splendid island. You can rent a motorbike directly in Sardinia.

Your holidays in Sardinia will be an unforgettable experience!

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